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Privacy Policy

JOBWATCH.PK is a 100% FREE job portal in Pakistan launched in 2014. We provide serivces to jobseekers and employers . We collect job advertesement by different sources . For this purpose we visit several employers for new openings and post very reliable jobs with strong credibility and also invited them to create profile with us through www.jobwatch.pk/employer also we visit different universities and meet with their placment department for gathering data of those who are searching jobs and invite them to create profile on www.jobwatch.pk/jobseeker

We are trying our best for interlinking with jobseekers and employers. But we are playing a vital role to eliminate the factor of paying service which are casuses of scams in cyber world. Thats why our services is FREE for both sides means job seekers and employers as well.

On www.jobwatch.pk after creating profile data of jobseeker and employer are safe with us and protected with password. We never ever share any single information regarding both parties to third party due to confidentiality that’s why we are trust worthy portal in such a short term.
We have copy right FREE content and the purpose of this is just to spread jobs for eliminating the factor of unemployment. If anyone wants to spread , copy paste to other site or share on any other link it can be useful for those people who are unable to access us.
We at jobwatch.pk are not responsbile of disrespectful,harmful, unlawful, fradulant, act by both parties I.e (job seekers and job prvider).

So, Feel free to spread the voice Keep visitng www.jobwatch.pk and create profile for the perfect matched job for you so employer may contact you.