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We know the value of internet and how useful it is for us these days; it is because there is almost everything present over there. And if we talk about jobseekers, internet is the most effective platform for them to search ideal jobs. All you need to have a computer and an internet connection to start a job search. If we look in the past, we will see that job searches were limited to newspapers, magazines etc. and the process of applying was extremely hectic and time consuming. Also, there was no guarantee of selection for jobseekers. With advanced technologies, internet has changed the lives of many and makes the process the job search simple.

Now everything is on internet, and it has changed the way of job search for jobseekers and made the process of applying simple for us. Without a doubt, the online job hunting process has become so advanced and convenient for jobseekers and at the same time, it provides facility to employers as well.

With the advanced job portals, social media groups and websites, jobseekers do not have to spend a lot of time over the internet for searching jobs and applying on it today and if online process is compared with newspaper and magazines, there has been a major difference seen searching a job through online portals and newspapers. Online job portals have made the life easy for job hunters as well as recruiters by providing great advantages to both jobseekers and employers; and now it results has proven its worth and considered to be a win-win situation for both job hunters and recruiters.

We conclude here that online job search offers huge feasibility, convenience and many great options to jobseekers. Since there are many options available on job portals for searching a job of your own choice, such as you can use the multiple search option, add different filters to get the exact result, apply on multiple jobs at the same time and so on. So apply to your desired job and make yourself confident and skilled to get that job in a short span of time.

There are a lot of youngsters in Pakistan who are searching for better opportunities for them and wish to get hired quickly. Every year we notice that a long list of graduate students from universities and colleges come out with an enthusiastic hope about their career and future. And that’s natural. But sometimes jobseekers don’t need to look for jobs and it is because mostly big firms of Pakistan do selection of candidates by offering a job advertising in universities colleges. They call candidates for interview and select the best candidates for their firm. However at the same time, all those candidates who are not selected try their luck through online job portals and newspapers. Although in today’s job market, it is not an easy thing to get a suitable job in which you’re interested at present circumstances.

The candidates, who selected in interviews, will be sent for the training process so that they get train for their jobs perfectly. Mostly people start saying that they are lucky but it is not a fact at all.  It is all just because of their hard work and successfully given interview. There are many good options available for other students as well so they don’t need to worry much about their future. We have plenty of online job portals available in Pakistan which are the perfect solution of job hunting for jobseekers. You just need to sign up on job websites like Mustakbil.com and JobWatch.pk without paying a penny and apply on your desired jobs. The process of applying for a job is simple, all you need to do is to create a professional profile and upload your resume there so that you profile can be viewed by top employers.

All those students, who wish to apply on jobs, should create a proper resume with complete details. If you don’t have one, you won’t be able to view by employers. So make sure that you have prepared a proper resume that must have your educational details, professional experience and skills and known languages. If you’re a fresher, you will not have experience but you can quote your skills and preferred working field. So do not stop applying for job unless you don’t get response from employers. Make it continuous and apply daily on new jobs, you will definitely get response from employers.

Whenever people need to spread any job vacancy these days, they don’t go for newspaper advertising. The main reason is its cost and late response by the jobseekers. Advertising on local newspaper can be achievable when an organization has long time to fill in the position. Moreover there are many online career boards as well such as Monster and CareerBuilder which are highly efficient but these websites are more costly than a newspaper ad. They usually charge thousands of rupees from employers for their single job posting on their boards. However there are lots more ways for employers that offer free and efficient services for employers and jobseekers; and can give amazing results without any charges. Online job portals such as JobWatch.pk, Mustakbil.com are free and effective alternative way to post your job on the Internet. Most importantly, it is necessary to go with a better option to post job so that it can be viewed by thousands of jobseekers.

Below are the steps that will help you posting a job on a job portal for free!
1. Search an online free portal such as JobWatch.pk that is free and great enough to post a job position on internet.
2. Sign up and get registered with JobWatch.pk. Go to Employer section and create your company profile with complete details so that it looks professional. Post your jobs and categorize it in short-term or long term position. Select the industry of job and writer complete job description in the field.
3. Click ‘Submit’ button once you’re done with adding complete job details.
4. Later on, your posted job will be reviewed by moderators. Once reviewed, jobseekers will be able to view your job and can apply on it.

Thus posting a job on an online portal is not a tough job but you have to make sure the website where you’re posting. The job portal should be reliable and authentic that can bring quality talent for your company.

Are you thinking about the skills employers usually search in jobseekers in today’ job market?
It is a fact that every job requires some defined skills and demands and employers always look for the quality talent with strong work ethic, confident attitude, energetic minds. And when they get two individuals with the same skills and minds, the employer will select the one that has soft skills and self-motivated personality.
Below are the five must-have skills for a jobseeker that employers usually look for in today’s job market.

1. Leadership
Having great leadership skills increase chances of getting hired quickly. Leadership holds lots of other skills as well which makes a person leader in his job. If you have leadership skills, you will help and motivate others to perform well in your team. This skill also makes you able to set priorities of things and delegate.

2.  Communication
We are living in a digital era where everything is so advanced. And in professional lives, we need to communicate through different ways such as email, phone call, letters, social media and so on. Employers usually measure communication skills in interviews that how good the individual is in representing himself in person. Thus there are few things which include in communication are speaking clearly, eye contact with people, good attitude and confident interaction.

3. Computer and Technical Skills
In this digital area, jobseekers are expected to be well-versed of computer and its basic technical knowledge since technical skills have become a necessity for people and the critical requirement of job. And there isn’t any job hardly that doesn’t require technical skills. So whether you need to work on accounting software, updating content on a site, or anything else, you will require having sound technical knowledge that undoubtedly increases your value in market.

4. Productivity
In a professional career, you always ask to do more and more in job and if a company is hiring employees, its means they want to grow more. And they will expect from the employee to do more and provide high productivity to the company. Moreover, individuals must have the ability to keep up the productivity with demand of the company.

5. Critical Thinking and Problem Solving
Problem solving and critical thinking are the skills that are rarely mentioned on job requirement but they’re always required in every job. Employees always have to carry it in their tough jobs. During interviews, employers want to hire a person with such skills that how well the individual uses his past experience with logic and reasoning in order to achieve the big tasks.